Looking for the place where creativity meets memory keeping? 


Just like you, I started scrapbooking when it was all about preserving our family stories. Being able to explore my creativity was the cherry on top.


Here's a bit of how my love for creative memory keeping and teaching skills evolved.

As a child, I was always drawing, making collages, reading comic books, books and magazines. I was fascinated by art in many ways: music, dance, movies, books, photos, etc...

It's funny to look back and realize one of my favorite childhood activities, besides all the ones involving art, was playing school. Guess who was always the teacher?

As a teenager, I opted for advertising as my High School diploma. It required creativity and communication skills and I was so into both.

As for hobbies, I spent a lot of time reading books and magazines, writing poems and letters to 200+ girls who replied to my notes that were published in a teens magazine. I also made lots of paper craft gifts to send with the letters.

As a young adult, I volunteered to teach English in a public school in my community. Teaching has always been fulfilling for me.

I moved in with my boyfriend. Two years later we had our baby girl and scrapbooking became much more meaningful to me. 

In 2004, I attended many crops and met a lot of digi-friends in real life. It was such a great experience. I was also invited to teach at scrapbooking stores in São Paulo, a city here in Brazil. Combining teaching and scrapbooking was such an amazing experience for me. 

As an educator, I aim to always take learners to their next level.
There's always something new to explore and I try my best to
consistently offer new resources that will provide room
for growth while respecting everyone's pace.


In 2006, I was introduced to digital scrapbooking and loved it! It's cheaper, cleaner and I could scrap, meet friends and teach without having to commute. This is a great bonus when you're living in a small town where no one knows what you're talking about. 

In 2007, I started designing digiscrap kits and got all excited about it. I loved the idea of making my own designs and having other digiscrappers use them. My designs went by Dani Alencar Designs.

In 2013, after a hiatus of two years, Just Because Studio was born. I decided to get back to selling my digital designs and make it a real business. I wanted to become a better designer and business owner. 

As a designer, I strive to create quality products that are beautiful
and versatile to give the scrapbooker freedom to make it her own
so she can preserve her memories in a meaningful and beautiful way.

In 2016, my creative team and I opened Just Because Tribe, a facebook group to connect with other creative digiscrappers. We share our creations, make friends, chat and have fun. 

In 2017, I started working on a project that is dear to my heart - Just Because Tribe Club. I want it to be a place where creativity meets memory keeping. The club is a dream I have had for nearly 2 years, I want to share my knowledge about memory keeping and digital scrapbooking with all of you.

aos 35.jpg




For me, scrapbooking is not only a hobby.

I am passionate about scrapbooking because, besides the joy of having something that allows me to have some well-deserved me time away from the everyday hustle, it also supports my desire to celebrate life, the big events, and the everyday small successes.


That's why I made it part of my life in a greater level as my job and as my self-growth and reflection tool.
It's better than therapy. 


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