JB Tribe Club Challenge #1 | April, 2017

Hi creative scrap divas. This is our very first challenge. Yeah!

The goal is to motivate you to get out of your comfort zone and try a different approach. Getting out of your routine and scrapping something different can be very rewarding. You might feel a little uncomfortable or think your page is just not right, but give this challenge a try and see what happens. Some things you may find in trying challenges:

  • You may learn a new technique
  • You may learn something new about composition
  • You may discover new products, fonts, and tools that you fall in love with
  • You may learn how to use your stash in different ways
  • You may realize you don't like something
  • You definitely will stretch your creativity
  • You may have lots of fun!

How does it work?

The challenge has three sections: COMPOSITION, JOURNALING, and PRODUCTS. You should follow at least two of them.

To qualify for the bonus you need to make your page following the guidelines, post a comment with a link to your layout and mention which sections did you choose to follow before the deadline.


Here are the guidelines:

COMPOSITION: Your number is 3. Choose five things in your layout (elements, paper or photos) that you will add three times. If you add a button, you must add 2 more buttons (it doesn't need to be the same button). If you add a photo, you must add 2 more photos (they can be the same photo repeated or different photos), if you add a piece of paper, you must add 2 more pieces of paper (different sizes, shapes, and patterns are allowed). 

JOURNALING: It must be in paragraph form, not a list. The 4 W's must be mentioned in your paragraph (what, where, who, when).

PRODUCTS: You must combine two kits by the same designer.

* Deadline: April 23, 2017
* Bonus: Pimp My Page Feedback Session