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five steps to improving your scrapbooking pages

In this introductory lesson, you're going to learn 5 basic steps to change your perception, and create better scrapbooking habits in order to improve your creativity.

Lesson Notes and Links

In the audio:
* 00:34 Introduction
* 02:53 Step 1
* 03:54 Step 2
* 04:48 Step 3
*05:19 Step 4
* 06:18 Step 5

don't mess up your templates and photos

Learn the very first thing you should do before making your digital scrapbooking page.

Lesson Note:

I use Photoshop, but you can use the concept taught in this lesson in any program you use.

Click here to see all my templates.

Prompts and Ideas

10 ideas of memories you can preserve to build your family albums.

*As this is a monthly collection, you'll note that some ideas are inspired by the month they were created, but most prompts can be used throughout the whole year.